Dive: Cod Wall

-- Spoilsport, Saturday, January 4, 2003 --

Dive #15, 16 - Cod Wall, South Flinder's Reef (with Mia and Matt, and then Mia, Norm, Teri, Leon, Greg)

An enormous sea fan rests at 135' of water (my computer, which is calibrated at the factory in fresh water, stated that it was at 147'). I have a photo of it dwarfing both Mia and Matt. The area in the center of the site features incredible overhangs, complete with assorted fish hanging out upside-down below them. While ascending along the wall after seeing the fan, we saw some clownfish who had taken some sort of bubble coral as a host (at around 80'). It's the deepest I've ever seen clownfish. We also saw a few beautiful clown triggerfish.