Dive: Scuba Zoo (sharks)

-- Spoilsport, Saturday, January 4, 2003 --

Dive #17 - Scuba Zoo, South Flinder's Reef (entire group, in at once)

I wonder if the "zoo" refers to the frenzy of 30 or so gray reef sharks, or if it refers to the 25 or so tourist hanging onto shark cages? :) Teddy greeted us on the ocean floor; he was outfitted in a full scuba kit, and was sitting on the center of the photographers' shark cage. A large trash can full of meat was dragged around while gray reef sharks chased it, trying to get to the food inside. When the food was actually released after twenty minutes of throwing the trash can around, the sharks went berserk, tearing repeatedly at the steel chain the bait was tied to. It was almost impossible to get a photo of a shark without artificial human things in the frame, so I didn't shoot very much. Afterwards, everyone converged on the feeding site to look for shark teeth (including Teddy!).