Dive: Wheeler Reef

-- Spoilsport, Sunday, January 6, 2003 --

Dive #21, 22, 23 (night) - Wheeler Reef, Inner Great Barrier Reef (with Scott, Greg, and Hubert)

Numerous small coral bommies, each a complete little world by themselves. During the day, we wandered around the deep area west of Spoilsport (down to around 100'). I found a beautiful bubble-tip anemone with a maroon clownfish in it, which I photographed for two successive dives. Just before hopping in for the second dive, a pod of 6-8 false killer whales buzzed our boat. When we entered the water, we heard dolphins clicking away nearby (Leon, Scott, Sharon, and others saw them -- they were some other sort of dolphin). It kept me looking out into the blue, but we never spotted them.

The evening dive was neat. We saw a flat fish with eyes in the middle of its boomerang-shaped body. No one can identify it. It's not a flounder, we don't think; it's extremely bizarre, and was sitting up on top of a coral until Hubert shined a light on it. It was a 66 minute dive (52' max depth). Hubert kept harping on me for not being able to conserve air for more bottom-time.

On the very last dive, I saw a pair of scissors partially buried on the sandy floor. I reached out to pick it up, and was attacked by a 8" triggerfish! He drew blood, leaving a 6-toothed circular scar on the inside of my right index finger (between the index finger and third finger, right at the base). I took a photo of him. :)

00:17 - Marie showed her video tonight, which was excellent! It's the best trip video I've ever seen. She even made an appearance with Teddy -- in bed! Fun stuff.

After the video a few of us hung out in the galley with Rob, Matt, and Craig. Craig is absolutely hilarious! It's a pity, really; we haven't seen much of him this week because he's always hiding in the engine room. We found out that Rob is 22 years old! It still amazes me to find people younger than I am on trips like this. I'm used to being the youngest participant, even though I'm not so young anymore.

-- Spoilsport & Townsville, Tuesday, January 7, 2003 --

Dive #24 - Wheeler Reef, Inner Great Barrier Reef (with Hubert)

Last dive of the trip! Saw an octopus, two large potato cod, and a large, cute pufferfish with a pattern that looked like the surface of the brain. We spent most of the dive down past 80', and at our safety stop almost 50 minutes later, Hubert still had 67 bar of air left. He's really exceptional with his air. "I'm better," said Daniella, afterwards. :)