Flinders Sand Cay

-- Spoilsport, Saturday, January 4, 2003 --

21:45 - At 5pm, we were dropped off at a tiny sand island ("Flinder's Sand Cay") out here in South Flinder's Reef to enjoy dry land and to have some champagne at sunset. Marie filmed everyone saying "goodbye," which felt a bit strange because we are only half-way into the trip. The island was beautiful, with clean white sand and two species of boobies on it. Turtles are also known to lay their eggs there. We spent about an hour on the island and then returned to the boat to have a traditional Australian barbecue, which was delicious! Seasoned prawns, steak, chicken, fish, calamari, potatoes, salad, corn, garlic bread, and an Aussie dessert called "Pavlova." "It's named after a ballet dancer," says Marie.