Townsville (Dec 31, 2002 & Jan 7, 2003)

-- Townsville & Spoilsport, Tuesday, December 31, 2002 --

23:52 - It appears that I am about to celebrate the new year alone, in my cabin. I could venture out to celebrate with the few people who are still awake, but I'm pretty comfortable here in my bunk. We boarded the Spoil Sport tonight just after 8pm and are now headed towards the Coral Sea. I hope Norm is faring well with the rocking of the boat. After unpacking his dive and video gear, he discovered the Ocean Enterprises serviced his regulator and never gave back his hose with his gauges and computer on it. He also discovered that his video housing cover was chipped en route to Australia, so it looks like he won't be shooting any underwater video here. :(

I was out until 2am last night visiting the Kao family at the Holiday Inn near Sydney Airport. They had rushed back via automobile from Melbourne today just to see me (I hadn't seen any of them -- except for Mimi -- in three years!). We ended up sitting in the lobby of the hotel, chatting for a few hours. (Happy New Year! The clock just struck midnight. I hear nothing but the whine and grumble of the boat's engines.).

In the morning we boarded a shuttle to the airport at 6:45am and flew to Townsville, where we went to the aquarium (surprise! :) and walked down the strand a bit. I'm exhausted. Must go to bed... (we met the Spoil Sport group today. i have more to write, but I can't stay awake! good night...)

--- [lots of fantastic diving here] ---

-- Spoilsport & Townsville, Tuesday, January 7, 2003 --

18:03 - We've left the boat and are now at the Mercure Inn, somewhere in Townsville. There is a nice small lake outside, and we have our own little patio area. We're meeting up with Leon and Scott in an hour or so for dinner.

I checked my voicemail just now and discovered that my sister's car was broken into the night she drove back up to the Bay Area. Unfortunately, many of my things were stolen out of her trunk. :( It's strange -- it's taken me about an hour to remember what was in the big duffel bag that was taken. I've been so detached from real life for the last week that coming back to it is taking some time