Over Sea'r Flying Boat

July 13-20, 2002

So, Jimmy has a flying boat. Yes, you read that right. She's named the "Over Sea'r," and you wouldn't believe the smile she can pull out of you.. :) We buzzed boats and the coastline for about half an hour. It's quite strange to be cruising along on the surface, in a boat... and then to suddenly be airborne. :)

Jimmy plans to take the boat with him on the Shear Water, after which it will be the only live-aboard dive vessel with its own spotting plane!

Underwater Portraits

July 13-20, 2002

My compulsive urge to take pictures of people doesn't go away underwater. :)

Boat Life

July 13-20, 2002

The M/V Shear Water is a nice little boat. We had fourteen people on board, including a crew of four (Jim, Anna, Mike, and Steve). Six of us slept in bunks at the bow of the boat, and the couples were given private rooms. Like other trips I've been on, we took over one dining table (and the cushioned seats on either side of it) for camera equipment, and powerstrips and miscellaneous battery chargers were all over the place.

The crew were wonderful. I've never experienced such hospitality, or had such an extreme sense that people are doing something they love very much.