Caribbean Reef Sharks

July 13-20, 2002

Caribbean reef sharks were common in almost all of our dive sites, but El Dorado and Jewfish Mountain were swarming with them (the same sharks were at both sites, since they are in swimming distance of each other). This is where Sally lives (Sally is the particularly aggressive shark who took a chunk out of Jim Abernethy's backside). After warming up to us (which coincided with the arrival of bait in the water. :), they were bumping dome ports and would occasionally whip around us like maneuverable projectiles. No one likes to have an aggressive shark behind them, so we had to kick and pummel them with our strobes to keep them away in certain occasions. It's actually really funny to watch people struggling to get away from a frenzy of sharks. I have a photo of Jimmy rolling on the sea floor, laughing. :)