Diving West Palm Beach: Feb 13, 2003

12:41 - Jimmy: "What's the date?" Me: "February 13th." Jimmy: "February?" Me: "uh... yeah." Jimmy: "I thought it was March." (more exchange about the date here) Jimmy: "I don't know! I just know that I'm going diving." :)

15:20 - I just took a shower with a parrot. It was really strange. :) He talked a lot, but he mostly said, "Hello," and voiced little grumbles that might have been attempts to say my name. I think he got it right once... but it was hard to tell. He's been saying "ouch" and "Hello Zoe" a lot today. He also ignores me when I come in the room, which is apparently what he does to people he likes. What a strange creature. :)

dinner at city cellar23:34 - We just got back from having dinner at the City Cellar with Douglas Seifert and Trinka. Douglas needs his own web site, because a google search for his name returns my web page as the first link! That means that I have complete control of his web reputation. :) Since he doesn't have a web site to tell you what he has been up to, I'll tell you! Douglas has been in Papua New Guinea for the last two months. He returned with 900 (post-pruning) images of several different rhinopias, and 4100 more images of other cool marine species I've never seen. I really want to see his images. :)

This afternoon, Jim took me along to run a series of errands. Afterwards, we stopped by the Marinelife Center and were fortunate enough to catch Larry Wood (the director, Jim tells me) as he was leaving for the day. Larry took us inside to give me a tour of the place. The Marinelife Center is a great turtle-education resource, and also have a fantastic gift-shop with lots of turtle toys and trinkets.