Diving West Palm Beach: Feb 15, 2003

20:28 - A relatively uneventful day: we got up early and drove to the bridge to see if the conditions were flyable. The were not. So, we came home and I slept in for awhile before being rousted up to pick up the 500 pounds of fish heads and carcasses that we will be using for bait next week on the shark expedition. Jim systematically stuffed the useful parts into crates while I stood by taking photographs. You can't "sort of help" someone stuff fish carcasses into crates. It's all or nothing. :) By the end of the ordeal, Jim's truck was dripping with blood, and the entire area reeked! The fish are now in freezers and will freeze solid over the next couple of days, after which they will be put into sealed coolers and loaded onto the Shear Water. We also hung out with a few of Jim's flying buddies who had driven their flying boats in for a "fly in," but the wind never died down, so flying was put on hold. Even though I am getting a decent amount of sleep, I am exhausted!