Diving West Palm Beach: Feb 16, 2003

20:25 - Two dives this morning: Juno Ledge and Jolly Jacks. Didn't see too much: some turtles... a bunch of beautiful angelfish who wouldn't let us get close to them, and a small school of Atlantic spade fish that let me get right in the middle of them. The "other" group (the group in the front) saw a large eagle ray and many turtles.

We spent the afternoon eating, hanging out with Zoe, and doing web work. Yes, I have to do photo and web work while I'm here. It seems that I teach people this stuff wherever I go, and they put me in circumstances where I am likely to get good photographs. Sounds good to me! :)

23:00 - Classic Jimmy. Me: "Is that rain?" Jimmy: "Yeah." <pause> "Oh shit! Your stuff is outside." <pause> "Oh, shit!! MY stuff is outside!"

Jimmy: "Let's have some ice cream." Me: "Do we have any ice cream left?" Jimmy: "We're only on our second tub!"