Diving West Palm Beach: Feb 17, 2003

00:07 - Jim, Anna and I drove to Miami today via a leisurely route that included many U-Turns and doubling back on roads we had just driven down. It turns out that the Shark Diver Magazine booth at the Miami Boat Show was at the sailboat annex, and not at the main powerboat area. I saw signs of tacky 80s neon and Art Deco while we were driving around; unfortunately we had no time to wander around to soak it in.

After packing up the Shark Diver Magazine booth (they are leaving on their drive to Toronto a day early because of the huge snow storm that just hit the East Coast), we drove to South Beach to have dinner at Grillfish with Steve Drogin, and with Dr. Samuel and Marie Gruber of the Bimini Biological Field Station. Much fun was had by all (t-shirts, hats, and business cards were exchanged). Afterwards, the Shark Diver Magazine folk came back with us to Palm Beach to return Jim's television and to grab some images from us on CD.

I'm fading. Must... sleep...