Diving West Palm Beach: Shark Canyon, Feb 11, 2003

06:30 - It is 3:30am PST. My body is completely off!

19:17 - By 7:30am we were on the boat with Captain Mike and Eli, Ed, and Big Al (the three guys who are responsible for Shark Diver Magazine). We motored out for 35 minutes to Shark Canyon and dropped in to photograph sharks (duh!). Eli wanted to get a photo with the magazine -- and sharks all around him -- but the magazine all but dissolved as soon as he took it out of the dry bag. Too bad! Anna's strobes also refused to fire (as we are all familiar with, they worked fine on dry land, but failed to work at depth). It was a fun dive! Nurse sharks and caribbean reef sharks congregated all around us, giving us ample opportunity to take photos. Best of luck to Shark Diver Magazine! The premiere issue has just hit newsstands.

a caribbean reef sharkIn the afternoon I introduced Casa Abernethy to the year 2003 and bought them a wireless router with built-in 4-port switch. Jimmy said, "I have a router...," but of course, he was referring to the "other" kind of router. :) So now all of their G4 Titanium-toting photo buddies will be happily connected when staying here. :)

Another highlight of the day: I was formally introduced to Zoe. Zoe said "hello" a few times, which was very nice, but he did try to bite me. To be honest, I'm scared or even mildy terrified of him. His beak is really big. At least he doesn't scream at me much. He did this weird head thrusting thing that Jim said was a good sign: "it's what he does to show that you're a part of the family. he's regurgitating food for you."