Diving West Palm Beach: Shark Canyon, Feb 12, 2003

23:32 - I'm sitting here with Jim, in his study. We both seem to be glued to the computer when not out playing! Such are the curses of hobbies (and careers) centered around digital media.

school of atlantic spade fishDuring the late morning we hopped onto the Infatuation to hit Shark Canyon for another two dives (this time, with the Shark Diver Magazine folk, Greg "The Dive Master" from Scuba Radio, and Rob from Sharkman Studios. Like yesterday, the shark action was fantastic! The second time we dropped in we swam through a big school of Atlantic spade fish and saw a large male loggerhead turtle before seeing the sharks. Everyone had a blast, and I nabbed some good photos.

Afterwards we all went to the Roadhouse Grill and gorged ourselves on cow meat.

01:52 (next day) - You know what we ended up doing tonight? For some reason the preview window no longer works in Pnnacle's Studio 8 video editing software on Jim's computer. He's been submitting support requests since Jan 17th, and has done a pretty good job exhausting all of the recommended troubleshooting steps (short of removing the SCSI card, checking for IRQ conflicts, etc.)... and so I did all of the things that he had not gotten around to doing, and the stupid thing still won't work. This is why I have a separate machine dedicated to video work. I concede that a Mac is better at video than a cluttered PC is. (don't even think about saying that it's better for all media work. it just isn't! I've seen many-a-pro sit around waiting for various Mac-based image viewers to do... whatever it is that they do (slow, non-real time thumbnail generation, etc.) while I have already finished checking out my images and have my housing put back together. It's ridiculous. The thing may be more "elegant," but it's really DAMN SLOW.)

Of course, if Jim was a Mac video guy, we wouldn't have wrestled with hardware and software for two hours tonight. :)

*update* It was the camera that was screwed up. It's funny what salt water can do to electronics over time.