Galapagos Snorkel: Fernandina

August 19, 2003 - Fernandina Snorkeling

Time: 10:30
Camera: D60, 16-35 2.8L, Tiffen FL-D

We snorkeled Fernandina in the hopes of finding marine iguanas feeding, in the water. However, the tide was too high, and the sun was obscured by clouds, so we were unable to find any of them in the water. There were, however, about twenty green sea turtles feeding on sea grass. There were literally turtles everywhere. A nice, large eagle ray was also lounging around the area, and at one point I turned around to find a flightless cormorant just inches away from my mask, looking at me! I snapped off a few blurry photos (it sat still for a few seconds and then took off, swimming underwater. they're pretty fast...), and returned to the panga.