The Deep Blue, liveaboard dive vessel

Our trip marked the second scuba diving excursion for the Deep Blue, which until now primarily ran naturalist trips. It is a large, comfortable vessel with spacious cabins and plenty of space for 16 divers (although, it can accomodate 18). Underwater photographers will be happy, as there are two camera tables and a huge rinse tank. Everything ran smoothly for us, even though the crew was relatively new to working on dive trips. Our guide, Antonio Moreano, was excellent. I can only hope to have him as a guide again in the future.

By early 2004, the Deep Blue will have Nitrox on board, and I'm told they will even be able to accomodate rebreathers. For booking information, please contact Ken Weemhoff at Galapagos Adventures and mention that I referred you.

Baltra and North Seymour

After arriving to the Galapagos through Baltra (the last time I was here, we landed on San Cristobal), we did a quick dive on North Seymour before doing a land tour there. The light at sunset was wonderfully warm, creating sharp shadows upon the bare branches of the palo santo trees. Magnificent frigate birds and blue-footed boobies are all over North Seymour. I had hoped that I would encounter a male frigate in a situation that would allow me to get a good photograph of his inflated red balloon, but luck was not on my side today. The blue-footed booby chicks I saw in August (back then, they were large, white, fuzz-covered things) now look like "normal" boobies, with all of the adult coloration intact except for blue feet.