North Seymour (Dives), Nov 7+12, 2003

November 7, 2003 - North Seymour (Dive 1)

Dive 1
Max Depth: 72' 
Dive Time: 52 min
Nitrox PO2: 21%

Camera: Seacam/Canon 1Ds, Canon 20mm/2.8 lens, 2 x Ikelite DS-125

After our checkout "dive," which involved getting kitted up, putting on weights, and bobbing up and down on the surface of the ocean, we proceeded in pangas around the point to dive North Seymour. The water was green and choppy, and the resulting poor visibility made it difficult to enjoy the dive. Even so, we did see a lot of marine life, including an assortment of eels, a couple of rays (the other group saw these), schools of blue striped snapper, yellow grunts, and yellowtailed surgeonfish, a lone male green turtle, a few sea lions, and hundreds of endemic galapagos nudibranchs (blue, with black stripes). We're all hoping the conditions will improve.

November 12, 2003 - North Seymour (Sandy Area) (Dive 16)

Dive 16
Max Depth: 76'
Dive Time: 54 min
Temperature: 67 °F
Nitrox PO2: 21%

Camera: Seacam/Canon 1Ds, Canon 15mm/2.8 full-frame fisheye lens, 2 x Ikelite DS-125

Dives 16: We dove a sandy platform on the east side of the little island between North Seymour and Baltra. A school of mobula rays flew over us, but much of the dive was uneventful (the water was murky). Near the end of the dive, a large manta ray swam among us in the shallows. He was virtually boxed in by all of the divers (I have no idea how he ended up in the middle), and swam around a tight circle before finding a suitable "exit." During the safety stop, an inquisitive sea lion swam down and gently bit my strobe arm before losing interest in me altogether.

 Ken Weemhoff, underwater at North Seymour

Ken Weemhoff, underwater at North Seymour