October 19, 2002

This will be brief, as I must be downstairs in just 3.5 hours to catch a shuttle to the airport. The performance tonight was MUCH better than yesterday's concert was. The sound guys set up the stage like it had been at the premiere in Stuttgart, and because none of the strings were mic'ed, we play much louder than usual (it is hard on stage, because we have no idea what it will sound like in the far reaches of the hall). We played our hearts out, and Alberto broke so many bow hairs that it looked like he had been gnawing on his bow. :)

Ronda (whom I met shark diving in the Bahamas), her friend Cindy, and my old childhood friends Bonnie Foote (with friends Matt and Jeff), Andy Manson, and Jeff Padilla came to hear us play, and chorus member Pablo Morales came out with some of us afterwards to celebrate at our favorite place (yes, we went out again to Oki Doki :). Pablo asked me who would be taking pictures on the rest of the tour. I replied, "I have no idea." :(

I've finally started to meet some of the chorus. In fact, when I arrived downstairs to leave for dinner, I discovered a group of them in the "business center" looking at this very site! They were very excited to be photographed, and I promised them I'd put the photo up (and so it has been, below).