April 1, 2002

9:16pm - I dragged Kenny out of bed at 6am to drive down to Keauhou Bay for two dives with Aloha Dive Company, a fantastic little charter company that caters to locals and regulars. Mike and Earl were lots of fun, and made us feel like part of the "family." Although the weather looked really scary (dark skies and a bit of swell), the conditions out at "Ke'ei" and "Hammerheads" dive sites weren't that bad. The visibility was pretty good, and while we didn't see anything really spectacular, the dives were enjoyable. A little white-mouth moray eel seemed interested in me, but my D30 housing decided to sever the hotshoe sync wires to prevent me from using strobes... so no good underwater pics for today. It's only natural that a 50 cent part would prevent an expensive camera housing from working properly. Also, Fed Ex seems to have misplaced the D60 that was shipped overnight express from San Francisco on Friday. It seems that the stars have aligned to prevent me from getting decent underwater photos. We were really excited to take the D60 underwater, too. :(

Jim did a couple hours of work and managed to solder the thing back into working shape, but I'm eventually going to epoxy the whole connection area so it can't easily break again. I hope the thing works tomorrow.

This is funny. Kenny keeps swearing about the scary spider that used to reside in the corner of Jim's office. It disappeared today, no doubt because Kenny took some compromising photos of it yesterday (one of them is on his site).