April 2, 2002

5:46pm - I have a raging headache induced by hours of harsh sunlight and by limiting my air intake from a low tank fill this morning. After diving Turtle Pinnacle, we ran around Honokohau Harbor like excited children, because the D60 was finally delivered. Turtles were feeding in the tidepools and lounging around lazily on the beach. I wish I had brought my nice lenses to Hawaii. Diving this morning was a lot of fun! Despite the pounding surf two days ago, the visibility was almost decent, and no other divers were at the dive site until after we exited the water. During the second dive, I got lost underwater and couldn't find the site again, so Kenny didn't get to see any turtles. I felt very bad (who knew that the outer-most mooring wasn't lined up with the other two?!). AND... despite my camera being set to not autofocus on shutter release, I managed to get a few nice turtle shots. I'm glad the stupid hotshoe connector held up. :) The D60 is really amazing. After seeing what it can do, Jim announced loudly that film is dead. :) It's too bad I won't be able to take it underwater until we get to Maui. Tomorrow we're going to spend a very long day out of Kona, exploring the Big Island.

Kenny and I are now cooling off at Border's (air conditioning! i love it.).