April 3, 2002

10:48pm - Dense fog consumed much of our morning as we made our way around the northern part of the island to the volcano. In addition to the cold and rain, Hilo presented us with almost no culinary options, and we were forced (yet again) to eat strip mall food. We hiked the short hike to Akaka falls, in the sprinkling rain (after missing the turn off -- apparently, the signage people assumed that everyone will be coming from Hilo, so all of the signs are south-facing).

We toured through the strangely alien terrain around the crater rim, and then continued twenty miles down Chain of Craters Road to the even stranger looking area that was wiped out by the recent 1995 flow (the road just stops). Rangers were observing a small patch of glowing lava with spotting scopes, but it was too far away to easily hike to. Kenny and I ended up hiking around for about three hours, and then driving all the way back to Kona, bleary-eyed and ready to pass out.