April 6, 2002

9:17pm - I went out diving with Ed Robinson again this morning, while Kenny and Dave resumed the search for the missing gear. We dove "Marty's Reef" (again) and did a drift dive from "Reef's End." The water at Molokini was completely calm, and the sun even peeked out for a brief moment to share its warmth with us. I shot macro today, and ended up with mixed results. The D60's LCD screen shows results that are brighter than they end up being displayed on computer screens, so many of my photos ended up being underexposed as I corrected for the perfect look on the LCD.

I've been resting since the two dives ended, but unfortunately, that rest hasn't included any sleep.

Oh yeah -- Dave found his equipment in eleven minutes, given bright daylight and my vague description of where it was: "We did a drifting ascent from the rock with the two scorpionfish on it, and then a surface drift of a few minutes after the ascent. The kayak overturned after that, and I saw the BC and tank sink to the bottom as we drifted south."

Also, thanks to Ralph Jacob, David Breitigam, Honu, and the Hawaiian Shore Fish book for help with fish identification. :)