April 8, 2002

7:24pm - I woke up at 5:15am again this morning for diving at Molokini Crater. This time, Angela accompanied me to snorkel along with the divers. We dove the mid-reef and the back wall drift. The water wasn't as clear as it was a couple of days ago (the rain yesterday clouded everything up), but the dives were still a lot of fun. As we approached the crater, a small humpback calf was breaching with his mother, not too far from out boat. It was a fantastic sight because the calf was very small, and he was able to get almost entirely out of the water. :)

In the afternoon, we went to a large 28 acre Bed & Breakfast place called Hono Hu'aka, where Angela had to do some work. It's nestled just above Waipio Bay, and has a gorgeous panoramic view of the water. However, it's also in the middle of the jungle, and I proceeded to acquire one or two mosquito bites per minute until I locked myself up in an enclosed mosquito-free room for the remainder of the visit. I have a love/hate relationship with mosquitos. They love me, and I hate them. :)