March 26, 2002

10:07pm - I'm sitting here, listening to Glenn Gould play Bach's Goldberg Variations on my Thinkpad's tiny speakers. I almost typed "Goldberg Perfection" just now, which would have been an accurate slip-up for what I think about Gould's 1981 recording. :)

After snorkeling at Kahaluu Beach Park this morning, I hung out in Jim's office, doing miscellaneous web work. In the late afternoon we went out again in pursuit of turtles, meeting up with the editor of Nature's Best Magazine, whom we had earlier bumped into randomly in the Kahaluu parking lot. (They, of course, knew all about each other already, but had never met before.) It was quite an overcast day, and the light was crummy for photo work. Hanging out was a lot of fun, though. :)