March 27, 2002

9:06pm - I'm sitting here, listening to Glenn Gould play Bach's Goldberg Variations on my Thinkpad's tiny speakers. Sound familiar? :)

I woke up this morning at 7:30am, and immediately began cursing, because I was supposed to be at Jim's place at 7:30. I think I'm going crazy. When I got home late last night, I thought, "hmmm. we met at 8am today, and we're meeting at 7:30am tomorrow. that means that I get to sleep an additional 30 minutes!" ... and promptly added 30 minutes to my alarm clock setting. stupid me.

Anyway, JimDave and I went out on the boat today for some whale watching and fishing. We saw lots of humpbacks -- a few of them breached, but they were all very far away. Those suckers are big! I've only been whale watching once (in San Diego), but don't remember seeing anything.

Let's see. We caught a skipjack tuna, so that means that we're going out looking for sharks soon. :) Also saw a large school of spotted dolphins. They were very cute.

I just discovered that Wetpixel has been shut down by our hosting provider for using up too many resources. This is very bad. :( I don't know what to do. I guess I'll figure something out.