March 28, 2002

10:16pm - I think I fixed Wetpixel. I hope I fixed it. What a way to spend an evening in Kona, huh? :)

I went out for a 2-tank dive with Jack's Diving Locker today. David and Doug were great dive instructors, and we only had five customers on the boat. Unfortunately, I had attached a 50mm (80mm 35mm-equivalent) macro lens to my camera, which was difficult to use on the two drift dives planned for the day. The only photos I managed to get were canonical fish id shots. Too bad. We did see a huge manta ray on the first dive, and both dives were accompanied by whales singing, off in the distance.

The sun wiped me out. I was SO tired and thirsty when I returned here to fix Wetpixel. Also, my D60 was delivered to San Francisco by Ritz Camera, despite emails and two phone confirmations, where I stressed the importance of sending it to Jim's Hawaii address, instead of to San Francisco. It would have been great to test it out in the water tomorrow. We are going out in search of oceanic white-tips. :)