March 29, 2002

8:27pm - Much of a professional wildlife photographer's life is spent searching, waiting for opportunities to use his experience-honed skill to aesthetically capture a moment. Today was a day spent waiting for an opportunity that never presented itself. "Here's an example of what my life is like," Jim said. We went out on the boat at around 8am, stopping near an aggregated fish buoy to perform field-tested oceanic-luring magic. Jim stopped the boat, waited a bit, and revved the engine three times. "Believe it or not, that's all it takes! They're extremely curious."

No luck. There were only little amber jacks and rainbow runners under the buoy, so we turned south and headed out towards the next buoy. As we started moving, what had minutes ago been glassy calm water suddenly became crappy northward chop as the wind picked up. I don't spend much time on the water, and it was the first time I had seen water conditions change so quickly. It still confuses me. :)

Anyway, I won't bore you with any more details about today. We cut the trip short at around 1:30pm, because of wind conditions.. At least I managed to perfect small-fish fishing (we were collecting more bait). By the end of our lunch-drift, I could catch a little jackfish in about 10 seconds. :)

I want a second digital camera body. I've been taking so few surface photos because it is so inconvenient to move my camera in and out of the housing. Dolphins have been around the boat a lot, but... well, no photos yet.

My D60 is finally on its way here (!), after being rescued by my neighbor to be shipped back out to Hawaii. :)