Abel Tasman National Park, Jan 12, 2003

20:40 - Abel Tasman National Park - We had lunch at the Marahau Park Cafe on the border of Abel Tasman National Park ("the first and last cafe," it bills itself as), where I had a seafood chowder and a side salad -- which were both excellent. After that, we took the water taxi to Anchorage, the next large bay north of Marahau; large tractors pull boats into the water until they float, before disconnecting and driving back (we boarded the boats while still on land). Teri caught a stray spray of salt water and was fairly wet before we started our 11.1 kilometer walk back to Marahau through New Zealand bush. It turns out that the premature wetness didn't matter because it started raining before we even got off of the boat and didn't let up until we had already finished the three hour trek. Despite the constant sprinkling, we thoroughly enjoyed our short tramp (that's what they call trekking here), and occasionally the thick vegetation would open up, giving us sweeping views of the turquoise water and light peach-colored beaches below.

We had dinner at Hot Mama's Cafe, in Motupiko, a large town (by NZ west coast standards) with lots of hippies in it (the cafe featured dreadlocks, wafts of marijuana, and numerous piercings). Neat place.