Diving: Frogfish (Anglerfish)

There was one beautiful, stocky clown frogfish in the 2nd Gully that migrated around from the sandy area near the anchor to the edge of the drop-off. He was really fat and cute.

Henry found a nearly-black, painted frogfish at Blade (and thus, the frogfish was named, "Henry III," since Henry is already a Junior), and the other group found a "blue" frogfish at Pockets, which we discovered was actually pink when photographers came back up from the dive.

Blue, pink...

I can see how one could be easily confused for the other.

I went 10 minutes into deco to get the pink frogfish shots. I think he wasn't too happy by the time I got to him. Chris Humphreys and I were last in a line of photographers photographing him. He started ... burping violently, or doing something that resembled violent burping.