Wakatobi: Facilities and Staff

As of this journal entry, Wakatobi can accomodate a maximum of 30 guests in its longhouse and collection of bungalows. Our bungalow was comfortable, with a nice deck, mosquito nets to keep out the bugs, a full bathroom, power outlets, an ethernet port for data (!!), and plenty of storage space. It's amazing that the rooms have data connections in such a remote location!

The dive facilities at Wakatobi are excellent. We kept our cameras on tables in a two-room, air-conditioned camera area with plenty of outlets for charging. Our dive gear was stored in numbered crates with wetsuit hanging areas immediately above. Gear was hauled to and from the boats by Wakatobi staff without any hassle. Cameras as well were handled professionally, and it seemed that a smiling staff member magically appeared to transport it every time I even thought about going diving. More information about diving at Wakatobi can be found on the dive log page.

It was nice to have Wakatobi founder Lorenz Mäder (and his cute daughter, Inka) around during our stay at Wakatobi. Many of us spent hours talking to him about the founding of the resort and what goes on behind the scenes to make the local reef a sustainable attraction to divers. Most impressive is that the resort is constantly being improved. Lorenz *listens* to what his guests have to say, and many of the requested features show up not long after they are voiced.