Synchronized Sony a7r / a7s cameras

I'm cobbling together a synchronized shutter-release / timelapse controller for triggering Sony a7 series cameras, and it seems to work! Although, as is usual when chaining remote cables together, I'm observing some strange behavior. For example, when I connected only a 2.5" to Sony Multi-Terminal cable plus a 2.5" to 3.5" cable adapter, all physical controls on the Sony camera disabled themselves (but I was able to trigger the camera via remote). Moving to a wired Satechi remote from a wireless Neewer remote seemed to free up physical controls, although I haven't done exhaustive testing. Still, the proof of concept is sound, and I'm going to order the remaining cables to get 4 cameras synchronized. I haven't tested how accurate the sync is (yet), but I'm targeting long-exposure timelapse, so having extremely accurate sync isn't required.

Cold calls

Do people answer random phone calls anymore? I basically do not answer the phone unless Caller ID matches a (good) friend, or I have a scheduled call in my calendar.

I also use Google Voice to transcribe voicemails (I never listen to them). The transcriptions are never perfect, but I usually get the gist. It's much more effective to hang up and send an email or text, but if someone just writes "call me" without saying why, I usually do not call.

And this is coming from me! A middle-ager! Imagine what happens when you cold-call an actual millennial: you've just advertised yourself as someone who has not adapted, probably will never adapt, and possibly doesn't ever want to adapt.