Using Greymatter now!

I'm now using Greymatter to update this section of my site. The old entries are still available, too. I've moved the last entry here, for transition. :)

I love it. There's more fun stuff going on in my guestbook. You know when you're at the dinner table, and your parents and relatives/family friends talk about you like you're not there? It sort of feels like that. There are lots of presumptuous people out there ("you seem intelligent. you should do XXX. blah blah blah.").

Stalking became a little personal today. I got a call this afternoon from Joechang, who was freaking out because "Mike, from Boston" called him and asked him questions about my cats, and about me. I guess Mike had clicked over to from my friend's page and found Joe's resume, which had a phone number on it. Joe asked him, "are you a psycho or something?" Mike (of course) replied, "No."

Thirty seconds after I got off of the phone with Joe, my phone started ringing from a number in (617) (it's blocked for callers without caller-id. Mike told me that he had to unblock caller-id to get through to me), and... it was Mike. I answered the phone, "Hello? Is this Mike... from Boston?"

Mike was Harvard class of '91, and he majored in Government. He said things like:

"hey... so why did you get your cats to shit on the toilet?""so.. what's your obsession with Asian American cellists?""do all your female friends have to be smart to make your page?""i have two cats. one of them freaked out when i played the recording of your cats growling." (he played the recording over the phone)"what kind of cats do you have?"

For a stalker (or whatever he is), he hadn't done his research very thoroughly. I still have no idea why he called. Maybe he was recording it or something. We chatted (with me being a little freaked out) for five minutes, and then he politely said goodbye. I plugged the information outlet he used to get my phone number, but it should still be available for a day or so. I hope no one else calls.

I've been doing a lot of driving downtown lately. It's quite stressful. Yesterday I almost killed someone on Mission St., at around 9th St. The light turned green, and as I started driving some bastard on his cell phone came walking out in front of an SUV to my left. I honked at him after the fact, just to make me feel better.