Consuming, all day.

I spent the day roaming around the Palo Alto/Mountain View area. All I did was spend money. I woke up, went to get a haircut, got my car washed (it looks sooooo beautiful now. it had been dirty for a couple of months, and the rims were all black from brake dust. i guess driving to San Diego and back will do that. :), ate lunch, went shopping at the Stanford Mall for holiday gifts, went to Fry's for more holiday shopping, bought a Kiwi Berry Burner at Jamba Juice, ate dinner, went back to the mall, and then drove back up to SF. That's... eight (!) separate spending occurrences, all in one day! And, at the mall, I roamed around several stores and bought stuff for various people (heh -- how's that for being vague? :). I was particularly annoyed at Bloomingdales. Aren't they supposed to be nice to you at fancy stores like that? I was moved so far as to track down two floor managers to express my discontent (which did nothing. grrrr....) That rarely happens. Usually, I just suck it up because it isn't that big of a deal.

I have to get out of the country again. I'm feeling restless.