Victor's visit.

Dan, Elliot, and Victor

Sometime around November 18th, Victor flew in for Stanford's Big Game. He's been coming back for Big Games since we graduated, so I get to see him at least once a year (I also see him every time I'm in New York). For some reason, I was too preoccupied to post photos when he was actually here. That seems to be rather common these days. [ok, so I lied. Apparently, this is his first time back for Big Game in four years. I think my memory is going!]

I haven't actually been taking very many photographs. I'm not sure why, but I think I should start up again. Maybe it has to do with this restlessness that I'm feeling...? No more words for today -- just photos. :)

Victor and Mandy, at Peninsula Creamery

The cool coupled swings at the Stanford design loft

Mandy, in the loft

Victor with expanding ball thing

Mandy, swinging (taken from another swing)

Justin and Wendy, in Berkeley