iBanker, Dan, Amie, Mandy

Mandy, me, Dan, and Amie

This morning someone called from a random investment banking firm:

him: Eric. What time is a good time tomorrow for me to call you about
the stock market?

me: never.

him: (laughs). you just don't know enough about it.

me: can you take me off of your list?

him: I'm not taking you off of any list. blah blah blah. I take ten
minutes a day to call people...

me: By law, you have to take me off of your list.

him: blah blah blah (couldn't understand him)

me: *click*

These people are so belligerent! I couldn't believe he wouldn't take me off of their list. All non-iBanker types have immediately acknowledged my request, since they're legally bound to do it.

I've been hanging out with Joechang, who was in town for a few days. We did our typical Fry's and Cho's run, but this time we went to the Sunnyvale Fry's, which is much better than the Palo Alto one. Salespeople actually approached us and asked if we needed help.

Dan (finally) graduated! This will call for much celebration before his return to Austin on Saturday. Amie even took a 48 hour train ride to be here for a few days. She's insane.

Also, there's a cool soap store on Union St. called sumbody (2167 Union St.), which kicks ass. They have the best hand-made soap I've ever come across (I'm afraid to call anything "fancy" now, after mistakenly calling Bloomingdale's fancy ;). I bought some today while roaming around with Mandy, Dan, and Amie.

joechang and john

Sparknotes T-shirt, in New York (forwarded to me by Justin, who uh... runs Sparknotes)