B-Day: Postrios, Ramblas, Geoff and Livia's

Long, long day yesterday! Amabelle took me to Postrio's for lobster sandwiches. Yummmmy. We had the best seats in the house, overlooking the entire lower floor. Afterwards, we roamed around downtown SF and took advantage of Virgin Megastore's Amex BLUE 30% off sale.

at geoff and livia's house. i'm eleven now!

At 7pm, Wendy, Amabelle, Adam & Carolyn, Peter & Karine, Elliot & Mandy, Geoff & Livia, Justin, Schrep and I met at Ramblas for some tapas and sangria. I hadn't been a part of a group event consisting of all my friends for a long time, so it was the perfect treat for my 26th birthday!

mandy and elliot

mike, adam, carolyn

karine, peter, me, amabelle

emile and zhenya

amabelle's hand

amabelle's tongue

wendy, justin, mandy

mandy, emile, elliot

mandy and elliot

geoff, livia, wendy, justin

amabelle and me

karine and peter


Afterwards, Allon met us at Geoff and Livia's uniquely decorated (with thousands of records) pad in Twin Peaks for a margarita party. They're wonderful friends. They had purchased a cake and sixty limoncitas (which Geoff had hand-squeezed) for margaritas. I felt very loved. :)

amabelle, me and
yummy ice cream cake

mandy, geoff, wendy,
elliot, amabelle

livia and new bellows thing

emile, zhenya, allon



allon and geoff

geoff and livia's living room

allon and cigar

Also, I finally got Greymatter working on Readyhosting's NT hosting, but I couldn't reproduce a working installation on Amabelle's account there. I HATE hosting services that give you limited access to tweaking, but I guess for $50/yr, you can't complain :)