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EPNY lunch, Heychristine, Stanford

EPNY lunch, Heychristine, Stanford (entire entry follows)

mandy knox and amabelle sze, throwing popcorn around

On Friday I headed down the peninsula to have lunch with the EPNY crowd at Pancho Villa Taqueria, in San Mateo... just like I used to in the good ol' days. *sniff*

at pancho villa, in san mateo

mehran sahami

emile and jonathan

bill rivard and amabelle sze, at books, inc.

Later on, Amabelle and I met up with Bill Rivard in Mountain View for dinner (ramen!) before going to the Tied House to meet Christine. Adam and Raymond were there, too (met Raymond for the first time). Christine said that I was exactly as she expected me to be. I guess that's... good? :) I had been sad because I was going to miss meeting her in Taiwan (in a week), but luckily, she spontaneously appeared in the Bay Area and sent email to a bunch of us. :) christine, of, fending off me and adam tow me, christine, and adam

christine, of, fending off me and adam tow

me, christine, and adam

At 11:30pm, we left the Tied House to hang out with Dan, Mandy, Elliot, and Amie. Seven and a three-quarter years after arriving at Stanford as a freshman, Dan has finally graduated! We're all very proud of him. :)

dan peters and elliot sather
at the french house (stanford campus)

elliot and me

mandy's cool socks

mandy, dan, me, and elliot

adam nash and me,
before his wedding

Despite Elliot's plans, Dan ended up being the first to wish me a Happy Birthday as the clock struck twelve.