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Did you know that dejanews has been sucked up by google? It's very cool that you can now conveniently find usenet history on anyone out there. I did a search for my old Stanford email address and found some funny stuff. :) Click on the subjects for the full threads.

Oh. Also, I wanted to plug the coolest litter box in the world. It's the Self-Cleaning Litter Box from Omega Paw. It kicks the LitterMaid Computerized Litter Box's ass. I had that litter box for awhile, but it died when I was out of town. Every time I leave town, something breaks. It probably didn't help that my RO/DI filter flooded and dripped from the second floor ONTO the Littermaid unit. I discovered that clumping litter and lots of water definitely do not mix well. hehehe. But basically, the Littermaid unit gets so nasty that it becomes a nightmare to try to service. *shudder*.

Go, Omega Paw. You roll the thing over, pull out the tray, and dispose of clumped poop. I love it.

Also, I found what I think may be one of the best hosting services out there. It's CWI Hosting. I'm going to switch to there as soon as my current hosting contract runs out.

And now, on to usenet. :)


From: Eric Hauh Cheng (
Subject: KQVII
Date: 1994-12-09 14:24:03 PST

I'm having problems figuring out how to get to the bottom of the well (chapter 1). So far, I've made fresh water, given it to the guy in the desert, um.. gotten the glasses, traded the gourd seed for the turquoise bead... I don't know what else to do!

I've gotten rid of the scorpion, and gotten the turquoise arrow-thing.

When I gave the guy the water, I clicked on the bug reducer first. Was I supposed to get the rope? Does that mean I have to start over?

please reply to



From: Eric Hauh Cheng (echeng@leland.Stanford.EDU)
Subject: System 7.5 destroyed my PM6100AV
Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac.hardware
View: Complete Thread (12 articles)
Date: 1994-10-16 09:18:46 PST

After switching to system 7.5, I was quite happy with all of the new "toys" that were included, even though my PM6100/60AV ran a little slower than usual. I was testing out a finger and talk daemon -- that happenned to make my computer unable to restart or shutdown -- and decided that I'd take my chances and just leave my computer on all the time. One morning, I came into the room, and my mac had frozen at some point in the night.

Oh yeah... AFterdark 2.5 was behaving strangely too. VERY slow during the first twenty or so seconds of a screen saver coming on. Anyway... Now, I can't boot my Mac. IT won't boot with SHIFT held down, won't boot with a CD-ROM, or FLoppy. I don't know what's wrong... I get a flashing finder bar at the top of the screen. It flashes from a blank, white line (cursor turns into a clock), to "File Edit, etc" on the title bar in 1 or 2 second intervals. I can't force quit the finder and have it load again either. Nothing works!

Any suggestions? Please mail


Someone todl me it might be the ROMs, but I"m not sure.

This post is my favorite. :)

From: Eric Hauh Cheng (echeng@leland.Stanford.EDU)
Subject: Mice Killing
Newsgroups: rec.pets.herp
Date: 1994-02-17 02:26:46 PST

I'm not sure if I could throw a mouse against a wall, so I'm trying to devise other more "passive" ways of killing one. I like the nitrogen idea... does anyone know how much nitrogen costs? I was also wondering if a small low-voltage stun gun might do the trick easily...?

And, the coolest reply ever:

From: ..._Herp-Net_... (..._Herp-Net_...)
Subject: Re: Mice Killing
Newsgroups: rec.pets.herp
Date: 1994-02-17 21:29:48 PST

In article <2jvgp6$c7l@nntp2.Stanford.EDU> echeng@leland.Stanford.EDU (Eric Hauh Cheng) writes:

>I'm not sure if I could throw a mouse against a wall, so I'm trying to devise
>other more "passive" ways of killing one. I like the nitrogen idea... does
>anyone know how much nitrogen costs? I was also wondering if a small
>low-voltage stun gun might do the trick easily...?

You can buy mice frozen from many suppliers via mail-order. Virtually all popular captives will take rewarmed mice.

Nitrogen is cheap (as far as compressed gas goes) but the tank and service can still be $40-60 for an "E" or "D" tank. Fittings and valves are additional and can add up. Sometimes you can get small tanks of Nitrous Oxide at auto or speed shops, as it is used in modified car engines. This compound when delivered as 100% concentration is incompatible with life.

Stun-guns are ineffective at killing rodents (or people) dispite the high voltage (40,000 to 250,000) because the current is very low.

They are useful for getting large boids uncoiled from their keepers during feeding accidents, though.

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Check it out. There's a BBS number listed in that last post! I'm getting all nostalgic. *sniff*

Can anyone figure out why I used to have to kill mice? :) I can see the hatemail already. hehehe...