Lord of the Rings

I went to the 10am showing of Lord of the Rings this morning at the Sony Metreon in SF. While Amabelle went to work briefly, I waited in line behind some Pixar employees, and in front of this group of LOUD bay area techies who talked about computer games the whole time (they seemed to work in the computer game industry). I really didn't mind that they were talking about computer games, except that they were talking so loudly that their conversation could be heard clearly by everyone in the area. It almost drove me crazy.

My threshold for things that stress me out seems to be getting lower as the days go by. I don't know why.

Anyway, the movie was fantastic, and the "live" crowd made things more fun (except that the Metreon shows commercials and tons of previews, so it takes 20 minutes to get to the actual movie). I loved it -- it was so... epic! It made me really nostalgic, because I spent most of my youth thoroughly immersed in that world (reading books, obsessing over the old computer games -- Bard's Tale, Pool of Radience, Might and Magic, etc. -- and playing D&D at my neighbor's house literally every day). I didn't go so far as to join creative anachronism groups, though. I'm not the type that wears capes or carries a staff (heard horror stories about people like that from my CMU friends, though. :).

In the afternoon I played a string quartet gig for the Stanford Law School's staff and faculty holiday party (at the Palo Alto Westin Hotel). I hadn't touched my cello since the November 15th Brahms concert, so it was nice to get to play some music again. Paul Brest (former dean of the law school) came by and made a request, which was nice. He's a violist, and has occasionally picked up his instrument to play the Mozart viola quintet with us at law school functions.

I miss my old quartet. I miss being able to show up to a gig and sight read interesting music confidently. It's not that I didn't have fun playing today... it's just that I prefer gigging with Mozart and Beethoven over cheesy Christmas carols and filler baroque music.

I've had a raging headache for seven hours how. Can't wait until the ibuprofen kicks in...