Tampax and King of the Hill

I'm watching "King of the Hill" right now, and this episode is partially sponsored by Tampax (Connie had her first period this episode). How strange, to have Tampax and King of the Hill associated with each other! It reminds me of the first time I had to stand in line at Payless with a box of tampons (for a friend, of course). I was so embarrassed. Ahhh... immaturity. :) Oooo (!) -- a commercial for Lord of the Rings. I wanna see it again!

Another thing. I went to Safeway last night, and saved 47% with my Safeway card. That's totally ridiculous. If I was optimistic, I would say that I happened to pick things that are on sale, but instead, it made me think that they probably had to jack up the price on everything else for me to save 47%.