Amabelle's Last Day

Today was Amabelle's last day at That place seemed like such a depressing place to work. From what I saw, it was riddled with incompetence and inefficiency. Oh well. I guess that's why they're plastered all over Fucked Company.

I went over at around noon to help Amabelle with her things and to have lunch with her, Rita, and their friend Keith. People were milling around, feeling what seemed to me to be both nostalgia and slight bitterness. One guy had an assault rifle styled BB gun, and people were taking turns shooting stuff. It sort of looks like an employee is about go go "postal" in the photo (see below). heh... :)

After Amabelle left for the holidays, I had nothing to do.

Jeremy came over to hang out, and we went to Virgin with my AMEX Blue card to exploit the 30% off sale. My card had "VOID" written in sharpie across the back of it (even though it's still valid), but at Jeremy's urging I managed to erase most of it and pen in some more marks to hide the meaning of the remaining black streaks. It worked, and we got our 30% off. Yay, us. :)

Allon came over before dinner, since he had nothing to do either. Plus, he had to get away from his evil dog Reno, who recently broke into the trashcan to eat salsa, resulting in a celebration of runny dog poop.

We went to eat at Palomino, and then came back to my place for a game of Scrabble with Emile, who had just returned from seeing his favorite Russian Rock band ("DDT" or something) play. The lead singer smiled at him (they were in the first row). He compared it to seeing Madonna live and having her look at you (or something like that), but none of us could really imagine "DDT" being like Madonna. That's Emile for ya. It's why we love him. :) Jeremy threatened to flee if we turned on the Xbox, but he stayed anyway.

I'm going to sleep. Here are some pictures.

amabelle, in front of homestore's former office

in the elevator (smiling!)

amabelle's cube

crazy (BB) gun boy

rita and amabelle

amabelle, rita, keith

me, at home

allon, at palomino

allon and jeremy

jeremy, allon, emile, at my place, playing scrabble

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