Uninspired Orchestra

I went to a concert last night at Davies Symphony Hall. Joshua Bell played Bernstein's Serenade for Violin and Orchestra, and Ingo Metzmacher conducted Hartmann's Miserae and Beethoven's Symphony No. 7. I loooove Beethoven 7, but I really didn't like the performance last night. Metzmacher seemed to... well, be a rather poor conductor, and it seemed like the orchestra was just on autopilot trying to get through the concert. He would freeze for entire sections at a time, and every time he raised the baton he would shake it a number of times, making the beat ambiguous. He had no presence, and the orchestra wasn't playing cohesively. I think it would have been frustrating to play under him -- not that I'd ever have the opportunity, though. :) Afterwards, Emile, Zhenya, Amabelle and I walked over to Citizen Cake for dessert.

I finally migrated echeng.com over to CWI Hosting, and got RCN cable modem up and running. I had to reset the cable modem in order for it work normally (it defaulted to some setting that was really slow), but now it's FANTASTIC, and is a lot faster than ADSL was. Photos -->

Amabelle and Me, at Ponzu

Adam and Jonathan Nash, at Macworld

Standard iMac photo

An extremely dorky photo of me, with Adam

Adam Tow and the Canon rep

Amabelle. Cute!

Emile and Zhenya, at Davies Symphony Hall

Amabelle and Me, at Davies Symphony Hall

Sherry Hsieh, in Noe Valley

Echeng.com needs a serious overhaul. The new version will probably look rather different, and will have a lot of the "useless" content pruned from it.