Vienna Teng @ The Canvas

Vienna Teng had her first (public) full-band performance tonight at The Canvas, at 9th and Lincoln, in San Francisco. Sophie, Wendy, Amabelle and I drove out there and randomly met up with Bill Rivard, Jeremy, and Stephen Kam. I also met (for the first time) an ex-E.piphany employee, after the show. Small world!

I'm excited to watch/hear Vienna's new band develop. Her music rocks, and you should totally go out and buy a CD. :) While she was playing, Bill and I were chatting about how we lit things on fire when we were in high school (this was in reference to Vienna writing songs back then that are still worthy of performance -- seven years later). When "A Decade and One" was performed, she said something about being 23 now, and Bill promptly leaned over and said, "hmmm. I was lighing things on fire when I was 23, too."

Vienna Teng @ The Canvas

The Full Band @ The Canvas

A solo moment...

Jeremy Henrickson and Sophie Tseng

Sophie Tseng and Wendy Cheng

Jeremy Henrickson and Katherine (sp?)