Nash Birthday

ARGH. This message was deleted the first time through. I hate web interfaces sometimes. I also hate rewriting messages of any kind. I had to eat a cookie to stay awake while driving home from the Nash residence this evening. Unfortunately, I had just stuffed myself with ribs, and a pear salad, so I was trading consciousness for progressive increments of feeling like crap by forcing more food down my hatch.

I noodled around on some music with Vienna this late morning. It's amazing how unprepared I am for unstructured music. It was fun, though. It's very different than the kind of music I'm accustomed to reading. My place has become a meeting place of sorts, so afterwards Wendy, Vienna, Charlotte and I ended up going out for brunch at Miss Millies.

Brunch was followed by Black Hawk Down at the AMC Mercado, with Adam/Carolyn Nash and Mike Schroepfer/Erin. What a depressing (but well done) movie. I'm sort of immune to movie gore, so it didn't seem unnecessarily violent to me, but some of us in our group had problems with it. I'd also like to say that I HATE the AMC Mercado. There are too many punk-ass kids roaming around there, and the parking lot and pedestrian walkways in the theater itself were horribly designed and are prone to unnecessary blockage.

It's the half-way point between Adam and Carolyn's birthdays! Wish them well if you see them on the streets. :) We celebrated by dining at Stoddard's, in Sunnyvale. I've been driving down there far too often. I was down at Stanford last night hanging out in the design loft with Elliot, Mandy, and Sarah. The funny thing is that the only reason I feel like I've been driving too much is that I feel guilty for pushing the odometer up so high on my relatively new car. 10,000 miles in five months seems excessive to me.

Anyway, I must get to bed. I'm hitting the SF Zoo with my sister tomorrow to take photos of animals. I've been spoiled by having the San Diego Zoo so close my entire young life, but I think it will be fine because we'll be distracted by our cameras. :)

Sarah, playing with Hoberman Sphere

Spinning the sphere

Sarah, in design loft

A giddy Elliot

Schrep, Nick, and Carolyn

Adam, Erin, Schrep

Adam and Carolyn with B-day Dessert