Ignant people (updated)

Random surfing (Rice Bowl Journals -> Top 100 -> First Entry - Yin Yang) led to me finding an extremely ignorant person (http://ylogics.net/). I can't believe people like this exist out there. I don't even know what to say. Where do people like this come from? There's zero overlap in my life with people like this. I guess I should just consider myself lucky. :) I'm wondering, though: what do people like this do when they "grow up?" Here's an excerpt from his/her site.

"Hey I speak Chinese, I look Chinese, hell I even eat Chinese food, but careful, careful.... I am not Chinese, I am a Taiwanese" I mean what the fuck?! I understand the whole extra sensetivity around this dumb ass "Independence" thing, or pride is what they call it, that Taiwanese carry around...IF YOUR A POLITICIAN! But for the kids here in the states, these punk ass stoopid bitches who make a point to correct you defensively if you accidently called them "Chinese" >> suck my dick! Shit pisses me off. Let me say this much about TAIWANESE. I HATE THEM! That's right, I dont give a fuck if you think I am racist. Know why? Cause I dont give a fuck, bitch! These yellow skin'ed / brown eye motherfuckers float off to some island carrying every drop of CHINESE blood in them, and all of a motherfucking sudden >> I AM TAIWANESE. Fuck that shit, hard. Oh, and then, AND THEN, "POW" I am not just TAIWANESE, I am BETTER than you! Shit, I've had more personal issues and sterotype experiences with Taiwanese in the states than anyone should ever encounter. Let me tell you something about them, a VERY accurate culture description about these superior Chinese beings called: Taiwanese. Upon meeting these distinguished mandarine accent'ed bitches, (And let me tell you the accent aint pretty) they'll first inspect what kind of Chinese you are with their special island instincts, and you better hide with all your might about the shameful fact that your from their motherland, and that your the inferior type of immigrant from mainland China, and if your from the countryside, fucking run!! Cause once they smelled out your Chinese b.o, oh it's gon be ugleeee! Of course, they dont come off attackin' you personally in army style, but watch out for the way they talk. They will reference everything from your hair-do to your fucking rice brand based on where your from, and they always seem to have some sorta indepth knowledge about EXACTLY the city or town your from, I think they fucking study it just to bash it on those glorious occassions of meeting a Chinese. I've almost always been giving shit when ever I meet a Taiwanese. They dont always say shit to my face, but it's the subtle ways they let me know that I am some how inferrior, and they are some top notch Chinese speaking creatures. And if you think I am being a racist, oh just meet a Taiwanese and knock yourself out. These people that I speak of are mostly adults and old fashioned geezers. And the Taiwanese around my age? They are dumb fucks deprived of any culture education, but instinctively they will correct you to call them "Taiwanese", every time! Guess it's something in the special brand of rice they cook...

I'll applaud the whole "I am Korean, I am a divine breed. bow!" thing when I get a minute... for now, fuck outs!

That entire rant needs a big-ass "[sic]" behind it. Hmmm. I correct people when they assume I'm Chinese. I always thought it was because my family considers itself Taiwanese, but I guess it's really because of some sort of "instinct."

*UPDATE 1/21* -- I received a reply from "Ying Yang" herself, but I'm having problems deciphering the point of her message. It seems like an attempt at sarcasm, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be read that way because she doesn't seem to be able to communicate effectively. She even linked to me from her site. I'm going to be famous! hehehe.

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From: Ying Yang [mailto:yingyang@ylogics.net]
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Subject: message from "people like this"

hi stranger. I'd like to answer your questions regarding to your "Ignorant people" entry or, "Ignant people" is how you prefer to spell it ;)

"I can't believe people like this exist out there."
-You better damn believe it, people like this (ylogics) do exist, find your salvation soon, good luck.

"I don't even know what to say."
-You dont have to say anything, we are used to astonishing stares.

"Where do people like this come from?"
-People like this come from the blissful land of ignorance, and perversion is what we practice.

"There's zero overlap in my life with people like this. I guess I should just consider myself lucky."
-No, your not lucky to have not (yet) overlapped your life with my kind, life is too plain w/o us.

"I'm wondering, though: what do people like this do when they "grow up?"
-Wonder no more my friend. When I "grow up" (permitted that I will), I am going to be a madam, mixing into the pander gig, and a political assassin on the side. If both fails, I am going to be (exactly) like you - a righteous and perceptive grown-up Taiwanese.

yours truly,
"the Chinese kind of Chinese" or simply just "an extremely ignorant person"

oh and umm, this a she and you can suck my dick. cheers.
[sic] <-- applies to entire message