SF Zoo

I'm still awake, so I might as well post some photographs from today. Insomnia sucks. The SF Zoo was rather uneventful (crappy, really). It's actually really bad right now because there's a lot of construction, and... well, it's just not a very good zoo. We did, however, get to see Snow Leopards feeding on something with white fur, two very large Siberian Tigers, and some active lions up close in the big cat feeding house. That was cool enough to make the trip worth it. The lions were larger than the ones I saw on safari last year.

We also saw a zoo worker standing motionless, feeding a squirrel. He looked like he had been standing there for a long time, and the squirrel actually ran up his leg. He was in a service area, and probably thought no one could see him. I tried to take a picture, but there was a big tree between us.

In the evening I had dinner with my mom and sister at San Wang, across the street from Peace Plaza. It's a Korean-owned Chinese restaurant, and was actually the first SF restaurant any of us had ever been to (more than 20 years ago, when my sis' and I were both little babies). My dad had some sort of conference here, and our entire family drove up from San Diego in our old Honda Civic. San Wang was actually originally recommended by Amabelle's father (!). Strange, that it would take me 25 years to meet her. :)

Polar Bear

Snow Leopard, eating

HUGE Siberian Tiger


Caged female lion

Caged female lion

Pygmy hippo

Old photo. Jeremy, with short hair! Taken in 1998. Look at his computer. There's something strange about it... :)