Amabelle's B-Day

Napa Valley is sooo beautiful. I took Amabelle up there today for her birthday; we indulged ourselves at the Lavendar Hill Spa and had some fantastic food at the Culinary Institute of America. Just south of the CIA is an amazing road with an archway of trees. I had seen it twice before, and both times, I was forced to pull over to gawk at it. Even though the trees had shed their leaves for the winter, their branches still reached out to clasp each other just over the road. It made me happy to see it again. :)

When we returned to San Francisco, I did my best to convince Amabelle that we were heading out to dinner alone, but she pretty much already knew that we were planning *something*, so it wasn't very effective. :)

Napa Valley

Napa Valley

Amabelle and me

At the St. Helena outlet mall


Amabelle's surprise dinner @ Matterhorn

Heavy gift!

Birthday cake

Avoiding "cake-age" fee