The Lights

Sarah Pont and I went out tonight to the ODC Theater to see "The Lights," a play by Howard Korder (with music by Marcus Shelby). It was about city life, and it was entertaining and enjoyable (my metric is that I was really tired, but I never felt sleepy :). There was a woman next to me rocking out to the live jazz orchestra supporting the play. She was kind of weird, so it was like getting two shows for the price of one. :) Afterwards, Sarah and I went up to the stage because Marcus had expressed interest in a SF Performances concert when he worked with SFP before (Sarah works with SFP), and Sarah wanted to leave him comp tickets. He had already gone backstage, so Sarah ended up talking to Matt Clark (the pianist). After a minute or so, we quickly realized that Matt was a jackass. I can understand having "off" days, but there's no need to be rude to your audience. Oh well. No tickets for Marcus. Blame Matt. :)

Tomorrow morning I'm going to see the Alexander String Quartet and Robert Greenberg play/discuss Shostakovich's Piano Quintet, Op. 57, and String Quartet No. 7. I guess Stevie will be playing piano in the quintet, but his name isn't mentioned anywhere on SFP's web site (as far as I can see), which sort of sucks. I only found out because I happened to mention to Livia today that I was going to see the concert, and she said (after a pause), "oh! I think Stevie's playing in that." It will make the performance that much more enjoyable, though. :)

I really would like to go to sleep now. I hope I can fall asleep. I've been slowly reverting to my default vampiric schedule, and it isn't making me feel very healthy (partially because of the racket on my street in the mornings).

Weird. The time zone on (the server) changed between the last post and this post. It's just past midnight right now (Greymatter thinks it is just past 10pm). Gotta go change GM's configuration now. After using GM for a couple of months, I'm starting to see some of the obscure stuff that can happen from bugs/corruption/etc. For example, the last (first, chronologically) archive entry won't build properly anymore. I switched to weekly archiving, which works better (because only the first week of archives can't be reached through the archive pages), but at some point I'll have to figure out wtf is going on.