Tommy Toy's

Tommy Toy's is a strange restaurant. Angel Puerta and Justin Min took me out for a belated birthday dinner tonight. It's basically very expensive Chinese food (we had two appetizers, three entrees, and a dessert), except that the waiters tell you that everything is something a bit more "mainstream" to get a hip, fusion effect. They told us that the Peking duck servings were "like duck sandwiches," and that the lettuce wrap appetizers were "like tacos." All of the waiters and staff were older, distinguished-looking Hong Kong dudes. They weren't old in the way my dad is old, though. They were old in the way old guys in Hong Kong action flicks are old. I sort of imagined that the place was a front for something more sexy, except that all of the clientele (except for me and Justin) was white, and... well, it sort of didn't fit into the vision. :)

Of course, before heading out to dinner, I had to find a pair of pants and shoes that fit Justin, so he would be allowed into the restaurant. You really can't take him anywhere. :) Tommy Toy's will tell you that they don't allow jeans or tennis shoes inside, but right on the inner entryway wall there's a photo of Jackie Chan wearing jeans. hrmph!

On a totally random note, since I switched over to Greymatter, I've felt like this section of my site has become a dialog between me and readers, instead of an output-only section. It's great! I like the idea of being more in touch with people who might have remained anonymous lurkers before, although... I suppose it's probably the same people leaving comments who would have sent me email, anyway. :)

Argh. Verizon is launching 3G as early as next week. I just bought a new phone, and I feel outdated already! I love and hate that technology moves so fast.

Finally, I'd like to plug a new journaler out there. Everyone go read enjelani, and sign her guestbook. :)

Amabelle @ private birthday dinner

Who says Amabelle never smiles? :)

Justin Min, wearing my pants and shoes. You can't take him anywhere. :)

Justin and Angel, at Tommy Toy's