Stefon Harris

Stefon Harris is really good with kids. He and his quartet gave a short concert/workshop for some middle school kids at a school a couple miles from Pac Bell Park. It was a tough audience, but he was able to make them pay attention, and his simple description of jazz made even an inhibited, classically-trained cellist feel like he could do it. :) Oh yeah -- I am not currently attending that school. I was there to photograph the event for SF Performances. :)

The clouds yesterday were amazing. I actually saw a picture-perfect infrared cloud and "sky". An impossibly bright, fluffy white cloud was floating with a brooding, textureless blackness as its backdrop (it was a huge storm cloud). Why is it so cold? I freeze my butt off everytime I go outside. I guess I could wear warmer clothing, but I never expect the temperature around here to drop to 40 degrees. Photos -->

Stefon Harris, with bassist

Bassist and drummer

Explaining fundamentals of jazz, in 7th/8th grade lingo

"Who knows what this instrument is called?"

Vocalizing jazz

Three of the quartet

Sarah Pont, the biggest kid in the audience

Stefon and pianist

Some of the kids

Finally, I leave you with a picture Hitomi sent to my sister. Japanese people are funny. :)

Hmmm. Amabelle just said (after seeing a really cute 8-week old puppy at Park Chow), "I'm going crazy. I need either a puppy, or a baby. My mothering instincts are going to explode!" Oh yeah. There were these amazing little kids climbing 5.10a's at the climbing gym today. The little girl had led 5.10a's before! They made climbing look very easy. :)