Let them eat cake

I played a gig today, and have (almost) never felt more like an ornament in my life. It was at an art gallery on Sutter St., which had some flattering, boomy acoustics, but it wasn't enough to make up for everybody in the gallery ignoring us. I hate playing gigs where we serve only give the event some artificial "class" Oh well -- I guess it was just as well that they were ignoring us, since we weren't playing well.

Today one of my housecleaners was fired for eating a piece of cake that was left on the counter. (Yes, I have housecleaners; my "need" for them arose from a combination of being a neat freak and trading money for time). It was surreal to hear about (I got an email from the Leader of the Housecleaners). I mean, I didn't really mind that someone ate a piece of cake, and it seemed ... wrong that someone lost their job for a piece of devil's food cake. Should I feel like it was an invasion of privacy or something? I'm sort of used to people being in my place when I'm not around.

Amabelle has been CLEANING UP at Sprint PCS. Even though the company sucks, some of their service people are really helpful, and it appears that you *can* get a good deal out of them. She kicks ass.